LUDUS is the regular practice of the LEIMAY Ensemble. It explores methods to physically condition the body and develop a sensitivity to the “in-between space. LEIMAY LUDUS seeks to stimulate imagination, enrich creativity, and expand notions of body, space, and time by challenging euro-centric dance and performance training frameworks. LEIMAY LUDUS is based on principles developed by LEIMAY’s Artistic Co-Director Ximena Garnica through nearly two decades of her study of Butoh, Noguchi Taiso, and Experimental Theater. In our LUDUS practice, we cultivate an ambiguous body and in-between-space, and the force which surfaces dismantles our notions of self and belonging, dissolves … Continued

Community Classes

Another example of LEIMAY programs are our community-centered classes, which have been offered free or low-cost for the past 9 years by members of the LEIMAY Ensemble who teach LUDUS, a practice developed by LEIMAY to physically condition the body and develop a sensitivity to space, time, and materials. LUDUS evolved from LEIMAY’s interaction with Butoh master teachers and with experimental visual arts. LUDUS is taught in a variety of settings, including: low-cost public classes open to all in local Brooklyn parks and online; open community classes at LEIMAY’s home studio CAVE taught by LEIMAY Ensemble members; application-based training groups … Continued