Artists 2001

Ben Armstrong
Marcus DeGrazia
Kyle Dries
Jay Eckardt
Kendra Floyd
Ximena Garnica
Takuya Ishikawa
Naoki Iwakawa
Terrence Kelleman
Aurelie Ben Marak
Juan Merchan

Shige Moriya
Kenta Nagai
Tatsuya Nakatani
Hiromi Niizeki
Nao Sakamoto
Blake Sleming
Tom Snelgrove
Jonathan Spiegel
Hidetaka Takasaki
Susanna Wimmer


September 8 - October 7, 2001



October 20 - November 18, 2001



December 1 - December 29, 2001

The Things We Step On



From 1996-2006, the gallery at CAVE showed the work of over 300 artists becoming a locus for experimentation in all mediums. CAVE Gallery began as a venture of Shige Moriya and a group of artists in the mid-90’s. Fostered from an industrial rental, they transformed the 3,000 sq ft garage into a live-work space, which was considered to be one of the first recognized galleries of the neighborhood. Away from heavy commercial pressure, in an environment that supported exploration, artists were able to present ‘nakedly’ by offering completed and in-progress works and receiving feedback from peers. In addition to studio arts, openings often included music and other kinds of performances.