Uncovering Parts 1 & 2

Uncovering is a two-part performance-installation that explores human fear and ambition, how it affects our humanity, defines personality, and constructs society.

During the first six days of the exhibition, Garnica and Moriya collaborated with Tijuana-born, New York-based draftsman and artist Hugo Crosthwaite and a group of international New York-based performers to create a durational dance-drawing-installation reflecting upon society’s hierarchical views of success dominated by fear of failure.  Through a series of performances, the residue of sweat and movement from the performers uncovers a large-scale mural engraving.  The performance uncovers a process of confrontation of values, self-discovery and confronts the viewer with the ephemeral nature of life.

Throughout the final week of the show the space was once again transformed by a daily five-hour performance by Ximena Garnica.  The performer battles between the creation of protective mechanisms and the surrendering of them.  The body is then exposed and vulnerable.  It emerges present in the space as it sheds away its fears.

Over two weeks, Uncovering progressed from the collective confrontation of a frantic society to the reconciliation of personal fear as an act of revitalization of humanity.


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 Installation Performance co-conceived, directed, and designed by
Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica

The LAB, 2011

Performed by the LEIMAY Ensemble:
Part 1: Yamasaki Ami, Ximena Garnica*, May-Lee Hollis, Theresa Magario, Liz McAuliffe*, Denisa Musilova*, Hiram Pines, Rachel Richman, Julie Spodek and Alex Vizzi

Part 2: Ximena Garnica, Shige Moriya

Documentation Images:


Other Credits: Hugo Crosthwaite (drawings and etchings), Jeremy D. Slater, Roland Toledo (sound composition)

*Core Ensemble Member


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  • 2011
  • The LAB
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  • United States (New York)