Becoming Corpus Publication

In 2013, we published an artifact of the BECOMING-corpus process that through words, images, and the histories surrounding LEIMAY’s research, ideas, and actions. Acting at once as a recollection of past events and a complementary component of BECOMING-corpus, the publication was edited by Angeli Sion and designed by Hiram Pines. It came from a desire to make sense of Becoming-Corpus aside from, but not unrelated to, the staged production, along with a yearning to activate another layer of the process.


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Publication by
Shige Moriya, Ximena Garnica


Production Credits:
Researcher, Editor and Archivist: Angeli Sion
Design: Hiram Pines
Words: Angeli Sion, Ximena Garnica
Additional Content Contributors: Susan Mar Landau, Shige Moriya, Hiram Pines
Photographers: Pavel Antonov, Ximena Garnica, Harry Hanson, Yana Kraeva,
Shige Moriya, Angeli Sion, Yara Travieso, Raul Zbengheci
Additional Assistance: Tamira Cahana, Georgia Johnson, Averil Kelkar
Printing Partner: ColorCoded



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  • 2013
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  • United States (New York)