Becoming Corpus

Becoming – Corpus is the first chapter in The BECOMING SERIES. It is an ensemble dance performance and environment of 6-channel real-time videos and live electronic music that reflects on humanity’s constant state of transformation toward becoming. Movement and video lighting meet to create kinetic experiences of altered time and space, tracing the interwoven relationships and transformations among being, the individual and society.


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Performance co-conceived, directed, and designed by
Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica

BAM, 2013

Performed by the LEIMAY Ensemble:
 Masanori Asahara*, Andrew Braddock*, Andrea Jones*, Liz McAuliffe*, Denisa Musilova*,  Eija Ranta*, Tommy Schell*, Savina Theodorou*

Documentation Images:
Piotr Redlinski

Other Credits:

Nao Sakamoto  (sound composition), Roland Toledo (sound composition), Laddio Bolocko (additional recorded music).

Becoming Series was partially developed at The Yard, a colony for performing artists, as part of the Bessie Schönberg Choreographers’ Residency. Additional Contributions: Irem Calikusu, Stephanie Lanckton, Miyu Leilani*, Jonothon Lyons, Melissa Lohman, Lucie Baker, Giulia Carotenuto, Ching-i Chang and Luke Murphy (dancers / performers), Bloody Panda (musicians)


*Core Ensemble Member



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  • 2013
  • BAM
  • .
  • United States (New York)