Correspondences Watermill

With Correspondences, multidisciplinary artist duo Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya offer multiple entry points for spectators to engage with questions of being, interdependence, and coexistence. The human body (performer and observer), machines, natural elements, and the urban square mingle in an entangled poetic microcosm while opening inquiries into animate life and environmental ethics.

Single bodies are enclosed inside transparent chambers partially filled with sand. Bodies are donned with gas masks as they try, time and again, to rise to standing. At intervals, machines attached to the chambers trigger a blast of sand causing the performers to lose their footing, sinking them back down into the ground. This seemingly perpetual eruption repeats throughout daily performance activation periods of Correspondences, both with and without performers.


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Sculptural Installation Performance co-conceived, directed, and designed by
Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya

Watermill Center, 2019

Performed by the LEIMAY Ensemble:
Alessandro Anglani, Krystel Copper*, Derek DiMartini*, Nini Dongnier, Thanos Fryda, Andrea Jones*, Suhwa Kim, Sorin Prodea*

Documentation Images:
Laura Brichta, Chloé Bellemère, Shige Moriya


Other Credits:
Jeremy D. Slater (sound composition), Irena Romendik (costume fabrication).
Correspondences was first developed at LEIMAY’s studio in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

*Core Ensemble Member



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  • 2019
  • The Watermill Center
  • .
  • United States (New York)