In Illo Tempore Vignettes IV

In Illo Tempore Vignettes IV is a performance of bodies suspended in time, revealing the echoes of memory, alienation, and exile. The performers parade through relentless streams of invisible stimuli in a voyage between presence and absence. The piece addresses the innumerable stories of the exiled, the ones that are visible and the ones that take place in a vacuum.


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Installation Performance co-conceived, directed, and designed by
Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica

NYRP, Green Acres Community Garden,  2017

Performed by the LEIMAY Ensemble:
Masanori Asahara*, Liene Camarena Fogele, Krystel Copper*, Amy Chan, Patty Chen, Derek DiMartini*, Omer Ephron*, Mar Galeano*, Jon Kopp, Kristen Ladd, Amy LeBlanc, Lou Mandolini, Mar Orozco Arango, Irena Romendik, Anna Schultz

Documentation Images:
Olga Tsitron

Other Credits:
Thea Little, Jeremy D. Slater (sound composition),  Ximena Garnica, Irena Romendik (costume fabrication)

*Core Ensemble Member



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  • 2017
  • Green Acres Community Garden
  • .
  • United States (New York)