Shige Moriya

Shige Moriya (Officer/Founder/Artistic Director) is an installation and video artist, and the founder and Artistic Director of the CAVE, a multimedia performance space, gallery and artist in residence space in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY. Shige mixes live feed video with pre-edited materials and projects the images into sculpture constructed of layers of thin translucent screens. Shige invites audience and performer to enter the sculpture and discover further abstractions of a stretched two dimensional space. 

Video-installation artist and curator, Shige Moriya (born in Kyoto, Japan) has been in New York since 1993. He first worked as an exhibition curator in Soho, but in 1996 Moriya moved to Williamsburg and opened CAVE. Since then he has been CAVE’s Artistic Director. He has presented his video pieces both locally and internationally in Germany, Japan and Vietnam. In 2002 he received a grant for a residence in Hanoi, which was partly funded by the Ford Foundation.