Ximena Garnica

Artistic and Administrative Direction

Ximena Garnica, director and curator of the New York Butoh Festival and Artist in Residence at the CAVE gallery.
“Once it touches, it enters. As it travels within it stirs my guts. It breaks off skin, and I soon find myself in pieces scattered in the void. With pieces still cracking, I now celebrate”. Ximena Garnica Gomez, born in Bogota, Colombia, is an actress, dancer and emerging theater director. She is Associate Director of CAVE Co-Director of CAVE ensemble and Artistic Director of LEIMAY Productions.

She has trained with several butoh masters including Ko Murobushi, Yukio Waguri, Akira Kasai YumikoY oshiokaa nd Yuko Kasekia among others or CAVEnsembles he has cocreated Elegy #1: A Little of The Sea (2005) and In lllo Tempore (2003). In 2005, she received The Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship for emerging Hispanic directors given by El Repertorio Espanol in New York City to produce the full length trilogy Homo Dramaticus by the Argentinean playwright Alberto Adellach.