Current Events

LEIMAY Ensemble Concert/Showcase — Stanford University
New York-based multidisciplinary artists Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica and their performance company, the LEIMAY Ensemble, interpret works by graduate music composition students Celeste Betancur, Anna Golubkova, Lemon Guo, and Mike Mulshine. From dance music to musical AI personae to real-time sculpture construction, these in-progress works were created during a one-week residency at the Elliott Program Center, supported by the Stanford Department of Music. Co-Directors Ximena and Shige worked with members of the LEIMAY Ensemble (Masanori Asahara, Krystel Copper,  Maitlin Jordan, and Akane Little) to choreograph and interpret the compositions in conversation with the four graduate composers, resulting in four … Continued
LEIMAY is delighted to introduce the dance artists of the Incubator Program’s Spring 2024 Cohort: Maxi Hawkeye Canion, ​Ching-I Chang, Maggie Joy, Sophie Ortiz, and Sacha Vega. “I will be incubating specific scenes in my current project, “willing to eat stars”. “willing to eat stars” is an immersive exploration that blends maximalist influences, personal vulnerability, intricate character development, and social commentary, all woven into a hyper-surrealist horror narrative while honing the bleak and mundane. This project serves as an investigation into the interconnected challenges faced by individuals within the working class. It aims to engage viewers through unique characters and … Continued